Tips on how to buy the right vacuum for your household needs

The Vacuum Store, Ontario, Milton

The team at the The Vacuum Store in Milton, Ontario, understand that with our busy lives, there is no time for inferior products that don’t clean thoroughly the first time.

And they don’t want to sell you just any old vacuum; they want to sell you the one that is the right fit for your home environment.

There are many considerations to think about when purchasing a new vacuum, such as the square footage of your home, your lifestyle, for example, do you have children and pets, do you like to entertain and always have people over? Another consideration is the height of some of your fixtures and accessories.

If you live in a condo or an apartment, generally, a powerful upright vacuum should be enough to clean your space with ease and efficiency. However, if you are interested in a central vacuum system, they can custom fit a system in your condo so you have the all the benefits of a central vacuum system.

A central vacuum system is ideal for medium to large-sized homes where you have multiple rooms to clean. The central power unit can be placed in your basement or garage for lower noise output, and they come with HEPA filtering so you can have the benefit of clean air if anyone happens to be an allergy sufferer in your family.

Both types of vacuums come with different attachments for the benefit and ease of cleaning different areas of your home and different cleaning needs. For example, if you have a chandelier that you want to dust, high cupboards or stairs a wand attachment is ideal for all of these tasks.

If you have high traffic areas that constantly need cleaning like the kitchen, or the front hall or living room because you have kids, a powerful and light upright, or central vacuum system would both work well. If you have pets, there are special attachments that clean and remove pet hair with ease.

There is so much to consider when purchasing a vacuum. For the best in quality brand-name products, call The Vacuum Store at 905-876-3394 or contact them today with any questions you may have.

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