Make sure your office is clean and up to code with products from The Vacuum Store

The Vacuum Store, Ontario, Milton

The Vacuum Store in Milton, Ontario, knows that any place of business should be clean and safe for everyone who works there.

That’s why they offer the best in cleaning and care products that are commercially-approved chemical and ecologically safe cleaners and supplies for every room in your office space.

Whether you own a restaurant, retail shop or run a business out of a commercial space, they have every type of cleaner and cleaning supplies to get the job done right.

For the kitchen area, especially if you are a restaurant, they have degreasers, disposable gloves, disinfectants, sponges and scouring pads, to name a few. For the bathroom(s), you could also use glass cleaners, sanitizers, hand soaps, bowl mops and caddy and urinal deodorizers, toilet paper and toilet paper dispensers.

If you need kitchen supplies they offer several different products for both restaurant and personal use including Styrofoam cups and lids, foam plates, bowls and takeout containers, plastic cutlery, straws, napkins and so much more.

Anything you can think of in the clean and sanitation category for your kitchens such as cups, plates and coffee stirrers, bathrooms like washroom accessories, waste disposal such as bins and liners and floor care including utility and floor pads, they can provide it all for indoors and outdoors.

For all your floor cleaning and maintenance needs, they supply everything from push and corn brooms to hi-static, synthetic and micro-fibre dust mops, to dust pans, lobby scoops, buckets and wringers and wet floor signs.

Natural fiber pads, sanding screens, carpet bonnets, garbage cans, ice melts and pump and foaming sprayers are just a few of the products they have available by order.

The Vacuum Store in Milton is so much more than a vacuum store, and they are proud to help keep Milton clean! If you want more information on their cleaning supply services, call them at 905-876-3394 or contact them today!

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