Visit The Vacuum Store for all your vacuum service and repair needs

The Vacuum Store, Ontario, Milton

The Vacuum Store in Milton, Ontario, understands that vacuums, like other appliances, can sometimes break down, need repairs or new parts.

Since they stand behind their products and appreciate their clients, they donu’t just sell vacuums, but they are also available for giving you advice when you need it, and offering help and guidance for any and all repairs your vacuum may need.

This service goes above and beyond any company warranty that comes with your vacuum, because the need for repairs or parts replacement can happen at any time, and long after the warranty has expired.

The team at The Vacuum store sells a large variety of vacuums of several different brands, makes a models. Each has different parts and repair needs, and their friendly and knowledgeable staff are able to help you with all vacuums, not just the brands they sell.

All of the repairs are done onsite in their store, which ensures quality work done in a timely, professional way. They understand that you donu2019t have weeks to wait for your vacuum to be repaired so they aim to finish the repairs as quickly as possible.

At The Vacuum Store, they have all the parts your vacuum may require to repair it, or replace a missing or broken part. If the part you need happens to be unique or rare, they will order in the part, have it delivered to their shop and once it arrives, make the repair and have it back to you as soon as they can.

Since no two-vacuums are alike, the repair work, or parts required, can vary, which in turn means different costs for parts and labour depending on the brand, the problem and how extensive it may be. This is why the team at The Vacuum Store offer free estimates on all repair work so you know exactly what to expect cost wise, from the beginning. They will never surprise you with hidden fees or estimates that drastically change from the initial quote.

If you have a vacuum that’s in need of parts or repair work, call the repair experts at The Vacuum Store. They can be reached at 905-876-3394, or contact them to get a free estimate

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